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Chord Imperfect

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    I [A]make enough mistakes
    And it [F#m]feels like she's the only one that hears the things I say
    So [Bm]if for any reason there's
    some miscommunication or I'm [E]lying to her face
    My [A]immaturity and habits getting in the way
    Cause [F#m]I can barely breathe and I don't know how I'll explain
    Myself [Bm]this time wish it wasn't a [E]case of "this time"
    But why can't I be [A]any other boy
    That [C#m]doesn't need a hand in [F#m]love?
    Someone that [E]I would trust
    But how did I [A]fail
    To give you all the [C#m]love that you [F#m]deserve?
    When you're the only [Dm6]thing that's worth
    What [C#m]life is worth
    And [F#m]I don't mind if you hate me
    Cause [F#7]baby if I were you [Bm]I would [D]probably hate [Dm]me too
    I said that [F#m]I don't mind if you hate me
    Cause [F#m7]baby if I [Bm]were you [Dm6]I would probably hate me too


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    Updated 2018-06- 6
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    Author: Rex Orange County Genre: US-UK Favorite: 7
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