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I like you so much, You'll know it (A Love So Beautiful OST)

Chord Imperfect

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    Tone chuan Eb. Capo 3 choi C
    I like your [C]eyes, you look away when you pre[Am]tend not to care
    I like the [Dm]dimples on the corners of the [G]smile that you wear
    I like you [Em]more, the world may know but [A]don't be scared
    Coz I'm [Dm]falling deeper, baby [Gsus4]be pre[G]pared
    I like your [C]shirt, I like your fingers, love the [Am]way that you smell
    to be your [Dm]favorite jacket, just so I could [G]always be near
    I loved you [Em]for so long, sometimes it's [A]hard to bear
    But after [Dm]all this time, I hope you [Gsus4]wait and [G]see
    [C]Love you every minute, [G]every second
    [Am]Love you everywhere and [Em]any moment
    [F]Always and forever I [C]know I can't quit you
    Coz [Dm]baby you're the [G]one, I don't know how
    [C]Love you til the last of [G]snow disappears
    [Am]Love you til a rainy [Em]day becomes clear
    [F]Never knew a love like [C]this, now I can't let go
    [Dm]I'm in love with [Gsus4]you, and [G]now you [F]know
    [G] [Am] [Am] [F] [G] [C] [C]
    I like the [C]way you try so hard when you play [Am]ball with your friends,
    I like the [Dm]way you hit the notes, in every [Gsus4]song you're [G]shining
    I love the [Em]little things, like when you're [A]unaware
    I catch you [Dm]steal a glance and smile so [Gsus4]perfec[G]tly
    [F]Though sometimes when [G]life brings me down
    [E]You're the cure my [Am]love
    In a [F]bad rainy day
    You [G7]take all the [G]worries away
    [C]Love you every minute, [G]every second
    [Am]Love you everywhere and [Em]any moment
    [F]Always and forever I [C]know I can't quit you
    Coz [Fmaj7]baby you're the [G]one, I don't know how
    [C]In a world devoid of [G]life, you bring color
    [Am]In your eyes I see the [Em]light, my future
    [F]Always and forever with you, [C]now I can't let you go
    [Fmaj7]I'm in love with [G]you, and now you [C]know


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    Updated 2018-10- 7
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