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Everything I Need (Aquaman Soundtrack)

Chord Imperfect

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    Tone [D]
    Verse 1
    [Bm]___Born on[G] the wrong [D]side of the [A]ocean
    [Bm]___With all the [G]tides against [D]you ___[A]
    [Bm]___You never [G]thought you'd be [D]much good for [A]anyone
    [Bm]___But that's so [G]far from the [D]truth ___[A]
    I know there's [Em]pain in your heart
    [D]And you're [G]covered in scars ___[A]
    [Bm]Wish you could see what I [A]do
    'Cause baby, [Bm]every[G]thing you [D]are
    Is [A]everything I [Bm]need
    You're [G]everything to [D]me ___[A]
    Baby, [Bm]every [G]single [D]part
    Is [A]who you're meant to [Em7]be
    'Cause you were [D/F#]meant for [G]me
    And you're [A]everything I [Bm]need
    Verse 2
    [Bm]You can say I'm [G]wrong
    You can [D]turn your back [A]against me
    [Bm]But I am [G]here to [D]stay
    (I am [A]here to stay)
    [Bm]Like the [G]sea
    She [D]keeps kissing the [A]shoreline
    [Bm]No matter [G]how many times he [D]pushes her [A]away
    'Cause baby, [Bm]every[G]thing you [D]are
    Is [A]everything I [Bm]need
    You're [G]everything to [D]me ___[A]
    Baby, [Bm]every [G]single [D]part
    Is [A]who you're meant to [Em7]be
    'Cause you were [D/F#]meant for [G]me ___[A]
    And [Em7]everything hap[D/F#]pens [G]for a [A]reason
    [Em7]It's all a bles[D/F#]sing [G]in dis[A]guise
    [Em7]I used to ques[D/F#]tion [G]who I [A]was
    Well now [Em7]I see
    The [D/F#]answer is [G]in your [A]eyes
    'Cause baby, [Bm]every[G]thing you [D]are
    Is [A]everything I [Bm]need
    You're [G]everything to [D]me ___[A]
    Baby, [Bm]every [G]single [D]part
    Is [A]who you're meant to [Em7]be
    'Cause you were [D/F#]meant for [G]me
    And you're [A]everything I [Bm]need


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    Updated 2018-12-19
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