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Chord Imperfect

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    [D]...What up [G]world? It's your [Bm]boy, just one of the guys down here.
    [A]Well, I could be more specific. [D]Uh, I'm a human,
    And [G]I just wanted to for the sake of [Bm]all of earthlings out there,
    just wanted to say:
    We love the [D]Earth, it is our [G]planet
    We love the [Bm]Earth, it is our [A]home
    We love the [D]Earth, it is our [G]planet
    We love the [Bm]Earth, it is our [A]home
    [D]Hi, I'm a ba [G]boon
    I'm like a [Bm]man, just less advanced
    And my anus is [A]huge
    [D]Hey, I'm a [G]zebra
    No one knows what I [Bm]do, but I look pretty cool
    Am I white or [A]black?
    I'm a [D]lion cub, and I'm [G]always getting licked. Meow!
    How's it [Bm]going? I'm a cow. Moo! You drink [A]milk from my tits
    I'm a [D]fat, fucking pig. I'm a common fungus
    I'm a [G]disgruntled skunk, shoot you out my butthol
    I'm a [Bm]marijuana plant, I can get you fucked up
    [A]And I'm Kanye West
    We love the [D]Earth, it is our [G]planet
    We love the [Bm]Earth, it is our [A]home
    We love the [D]Earth, it is our [G]planet
    We love the [Bm]Earth, it is our [A]home
    [D]Ba-dum-da-dum-dum, ba-dum-da-di
    [G]We are the vultures, feed on the dead
    [Bm]We're just some rhinos, horny has heck
    [A]I'm just a giraffe, wants with his neck
    [D]Hippity-hop, I'm a kangaroo
    I [G]hop up there, up and down for you
    [Bm]I'm an elephant, I got junk in my trunk
    What the [A]fuck? I'm a clam! I'm a wolf. Howl!
    I'm a [D]squirrel, lookin' for my next nut
    And I'm a [A]pony, just a freak horse
    [Bm]But c'mon get on, [A]giddee-up, let's ride
    [D]I'm HP [G]V, don't let me [Bm]in
    I'm a koala and I [A]sleep all the time
    So what? It's [D]cute. We love you, Indi [G]a
    We love you, Afri [Bm]ca. We love the Chinese
    We for [A]give you, Germany
    We love the [D]Earth, it is our [G]planet
    We love the [Bm]Earth, it is our [A]home
    We love the [D]Earth, it is our [G]planet
    We love the [Bm]Earth, it is our [A]home
    I'm a man ( [G]Hello?)
    Can you hear me? (Anyone [Bm]out there? Hello?)
    I've trudged the Earth for [A]so damn long
    And still don't know [D]shit (What's going on?)
    I hope it's not a simulation
    [G]Give each other names like Ahmed and Pedro
    [Bm]Yeah, we like to wear clothes, girls still look beautiful
    And it [A]covers up our human dick, eat a lot of tuna fish
    But [D]these days it's like we don't know how to act
    All these [A]shootings, pollution, we under attack on our [Bm]selves
    Like, let's all just chill, respect what we [A]built
    Like look at the internet! It's cracking as [D]hell
    Fellas, don't you love the cum when you have sex?
    And I [G]heard women orgasms are better than a dick (Uh)
    So [Bm]what we got this land for? What we gotta stand for?
    [A]Love. And we love the [D]Earth. (The Earth)
    Oh, [D]yeah, ba [G]by, I love the [Bm]Earth. I love this [A]planet
    Hey, [D]Russia, we're cool. Hey, [G]Asia, all of you, c'mon
    Every [Bm]one of you from the plains to the Sahara
    [A]Let's come together and live
    [D]Hum-dum-dum-dae-dum, [G]hum-dum-dum-dae-dum
    [Bm]우-우-우리는 지구를 사랑해요
    [A]Amamos la tierra
    [D]We love you, we love you
    C'mon everybody, [G]I know we're not all the same
    But we're living on the [Bm]same Earth
    Have you ever been to Earth?
    [A]Everyone who is listening has been to Earth, Ariana
    We're not [D]making music for aliens here
    Are we gonna [G]die?
    You know what, Bieber? We might die
    [Bm]I'm not going to lie to you
    I mean there's so many people out here
    who don't believe [A]Global Warming is a real thing.
    You know? We gotta save this [D]planet. We're being stupid
    Unless we get our shit together [G]now
    Guys, everybody look into whatever the [Bm]
    fuck Leonardo DiCaprio is always pushing.
    [A]'Cause I feel like that guy knows more about the
    Earth and how we're [D]fucking it up than anybody.
    Like, if the aliens did come, we should
    definitely send [G]Leo as our guy, our rep.
    In fact, the profits that come along with the [Bm]streams
    and the sales of this song are going right into the Earth.
    Let's raise some money for charity. [A]...Any words Leo?
    This might be my favourite song ever. It's awesome.
    Wow. Thanks Leo!
    We love the [D]Earth, it is our [G]planet
    We love the [Bm]Earth, it is our [A]home
    We love the [D]Earth, it is our [G]planet
    We love the [Bm]Earth, it is our [A]home
    We love the [D]Earth


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