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Rocky Racoon

Am James Blunt Am Vote rhythm

Viet Hoang Le

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    Tone: [Am]
    Rocky[Am7]Rocky Racoon, he was a f[Dm7]fool unto himself
    For he would not swall[G7]swallow, his foolish [C]pride
    Mind [Am7]you, coming from a little town in Minne[Dm7]Minnesota,
    It is not the kind of [G7]thing a young guy did
    When a fellow went and s[C]stole his chick away from him.
    Now,[Am7]Now, Rocky Raccoon checked [Dm7]into[or] hi[D7]s room
    On[G7]Only to find Gideon's[C]Gideon's Bible
    Rock[Am7]Rocky had come equipped [Dm7]with[or]with a [D7]gun
    To sh[G7]shoot off the legs of[C]of his rival
    His r[Am7]rival it seems had br[Dm7]broken his dreams
    By ste[G7]stealing the girl of his[C]his fancy.
    Her n[Am7]name was Magil and s[Dm7]she called herself Lil
    But [G7]everyone knew her as[C]as Nancy.
    Now s[Am7]she and her man who [Dm7]called himself Dan
    Were [G7]in the next room a[C]at the hoe down
    And R[Am7]Rocky burst in and gr[Dm7]grinning a grin
    He said [G7]Danny Boy this is[C]is a showdown
    But D[Am7]Daniel was hot, he d[Dm7]drew first and shot
    And [G7]Rocky collapsed in the[C]the corner.
    Da[Am7]Da la la dum ba dum da da
    Da[Dm7]Da la la dum ba dum da da
    Da[G7]Da la la dum ba dum da[C]da da
    The[Am7]The doctor walked in st[Dm7]stinking of gin
    Pro[G7]Proceeded to lie on th[C]the table
    The doctor[Am7]doctor said "Rock, you met your [Dm7]match, Son."
    Rocky said, no it's only a scratch
    I'll be better [G7]soon Doc, I'll be better soon.
    Well co[C]come on Rock, come on Rock.
    Rocky[Am7]Rocky Raccoon fell bac[Dm7]back in his room
    Only [G7]to find Gideon's[C]Gideon's Bible
    Gide[Am7]Gideon checked out and[Dm7]and he left him no doubt
    To h[G7]hell with good Rock[C]Rocky's revival.
    Da [Am7]la la dum ba dum da da
    Da [Dm7]la la dum ba dum da da
    Da [G7]la la dum ba dum d[C]da da
    Da [Am7]la la dum ba dum da da
    Dm7 (start slowing down)
    Da la la dum ba dum da da
    Da[G7]Da la la dum ba dum d[C]da da


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    Updated 2019-11- 7
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    Author: James Blunt Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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